Harley-Davidson LED Headlight

In the never ending quest to increase the style and look of my motorcycle and improve functionality and/or performance, I started researching LED lighting options for my Harley-Davidson Fatboy Low.  I quickly learned that LED lights use less electricity and that many manufacturers tout this as some sort of benefit.  How it’s a benefit is beyond me in that saving electricity on a motorcycle doesn’t translate into gas savings or any other kind of savings so it seems rather pointless.  Additionally, when dealing with newer Harley’s, you have to load-balance the LED lighting so that the motorcycle sees the same load on the electrical system.  So what is the benefit of LED lighting?  Visibility and visibility.  The visibility afforded to the rider as a result of the bright, white colored and wide light disbursement pattern.  And the visibility afforded to others on the road as the LED light is so much more noticeable than a normal headlight.

There are many different manufacturers of LED lighting for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  I chose Harley-Davidson’s offering for several reasons: their LED light looks good, it is competitively priced and most importantly, it integrates into the bike without any modifications to the electrical at all.  Some other manufacturers require that you install controllers or balancers or other electrical load devices so that the flow of electrical current is not changed (lest the motorcycle detect a problem with itself).  

Installation of the the Harley-Davidson LED Headlight was a plug-and-play affair.  Total installation time was about 25 minutes.  When I first installed the light, I took the bike for a quick spin to see where the light lined-up on the road.  Without adjustment, the LED headlight fires much higher than the stock halogen headlight.  As such, it’s very important to carefully follow the alignment instructions provided with the headlight so that you’re not blinding other people on the road.  It took a couple of rides and minor adjustments for me to dial-in the headlight to my liking.

Compared to the stock halogen, the Harley-Davidson LED Headlight provides a very bright and white (or perhaps blue is proper term) light.  It also casts a very wide pattern, I’d say easily twice as wide as the stock headlight.  This is great when riding at night in areas where there are no streetlights as you can see things coming onto the road much better than with a halogen.  Also, when putting the headlight into “bright” mode, it reaches out much farther than the stock headlight and actually lights-up the area instead of just a spot on the road.

In closing, the Harley-Davidson LED Headlight is an outstanding product.  It’s plug-and-play, it enhances the blacked-out look of the Fatboy Low, it increases the riders own visibility and it increases the motorcycles visibility to other drivers during night riding. 

Visit the Harley-Davidson Accessories page for more information.

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I am having problems with my LED lights on my 2014 TKthe low beams are too low and the high beams are too high
September 19, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterrodney

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